Virtual subway train driving simulator

Virtual training complex

Train driving simulator

From August 2018 to January 2019, our developers completed the assembly of the VR system for novice drivers of the Kharkiv metro. This railway project was a new level of cooperation for us, in this case, we were the first team of engineers who have experience in software development and who provide support to the department in the transport industry.

We developed the script in accordance with the regulations and the wishes of the managers, adjusted the design, built the logic and architecture. Conducted a full development cycle, provided support and implemented exciting updates. We’ve created the tools to give novice drivers the best “immersive” experience and therefore prepare them in the best possible way.

Kharkiv subway

A modern transport enterprise in terms of purpose and technical equipment, it is a complex of numerous engineering structures that ensure high-speed, safe movement of trains and mass transportation of passengers.

Improving the organization of transportation, rational use of technical means, ensuring the complete safety of train traffic, and the appropriate level of passenger service culture are the main things in its activities.

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