Virtual simulator THOR AK-74

Virtual shooting complex
interforce system LLC

Operational tactical simulator

The THOR virtual simulator is the first AK-74 training device solution based on a portable virtual device. This allows you to simulate various combat conditions in a virtual reality environment for psychological training and assessment of personnel actions in extreme situations. Allows you to quickly develop motor skills, and teach the skills of technical handling of the main types of small arms.

In a 360-degree realistic virtual environment of the battlefield, enemy assault units and equipment are displayed. The instructor station provides a selection of instructor-defined training scenarios that include various terrains such as desert, forest, or city, moving ground, air targets, and countermeasures.

Also, the simulator can include a detailed assessment of the shooter in action, for example, applying a machine gun, correct aiming, and hitting targets.

Value of THOR

Preparation of shooter’s motility and increase of psychological stability before the moment of real combat event. The economy of ammunition and resources of real weapons, the possibility of generating 8,000 virtual shots per hour.

System configuration

• Scale model of AK-74 (size and weight)
• Portable helmet (shooter)
• Glock-17 scale model (size and weight)
• Instructor operator station
• Graphical user interface
• Script control (Start/Stop)
• Built-in mission overview and scoring (hit/miss, target/aim)
• script generation tool
• Library of models of soldiers and equipment (friend/enemy, ground vehicles)
• Library of terrain models (desert, forest, city)
• High-quality emulator (Unreal Engine)
• Multiplayer mode (several systems can be connected together for collective training)
• Documentation – operation/maintenance manual
• Training – 2-week operation program


Сomplete set

FPS helmet image